Why Doesn’t My Bird Know What Size Perch To Stand On?

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In the wild, birds will land on most any tree regardless of perch size


Why we don’t know Jack about proper perch sizes for caged birds


All these bloody geniuses on the Internet.


YouTube rock stars of bird care.


Where are you getting your information?


Avian vets have the ability to predict the outcome of interactions between multiple birds.


“Don’t put that bird near the other bird – an attack is imminent!”


Humans with no credentials will make videos about bird care without a stitch of evidence to present that the information is accurate.


We have pages on our website that will tell you precisely the diameter of perches certain size birds require.

They are 10 years old


Search the term “proper perch sizes” and you get “About 1,720,000 results (0.43 seconds)”


This begs the question if all of this information is so accurate it should be easy to take care of a pet bird and yet there are almost half the number of households with pet birds in the United States today than there were 12 years ago.


The number of bird rescues has skyrocketed and all are bursting at the seams while underfunded. 


Editor’s note: To add insult to injury because the market is so small bird rescues get noticed little due to the preponderance of high profile breeders.


Why is that?


The Internet is a wonderful thing. We make a living on the Internet. Everything we do is Internet-related. We have 6-inch screens, 10-inch screens, 15-inch screens, and even 40-inch screens.


We have Google so we know everything! Yet the number of birds ending up in rescues still exceeds the number of birds ending up in homes.


Why is that?


The answer is quite simple.


Does the plethora of parrot perches produce puzzlement? Learn perches & placement now!


Birds have no access to the Internet.


They have no idea about the information that humans are manufacturing and acquiring about their needs.


Birds and their needs have not changed for 50 million years.


Unlike humans, birds have not created massive and sophisticated civilizations like cities.


Birds in the wild still live in trees. 


Pet birds still need to be contained in birdcages because of their urge to be flighted and free


Today we are tearing up the digital instruction set the Internet has built for us. We are going back to actually interact with our birds to determine what their needs are.


An amazing amount of cage bird keepers reach out to us looking for the exact cages and accessories for their birds that the bird has have gotten used to over the past years.


They don’t want to disturb or upset the bird.


I’m sorry but what purpose does this serve?


We create a set of criteria we feel our birds must adhere to for happiness.


Do we ever get the input from the bird?


No, we look bird care from an anthropomorphic view, which will always lead to failure.

Mitch Rezman

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