Why Should I Weigh My Bird Regularly?

Why Should I Weigh My Bird Regularly?

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This scale will weigh any size parrot or parakeet. Got a long tail Ringneck? Place the scale on edge of the counter or table and let the tail hang over ~ see video below)

I don’t have time to weigh my bird, just came off your caged bird keepers excuse list.
  • Weight Range from 0~3000g (105.8219 oz)
  • Measures Grams and Ounces
  • Precise to 0.1oz and accurate digital kitchen scale with Zero and Tare function
  • High precision strain gauge sensor
  • Auto-off while not using

A Better Bird Scale for All Size Birds












A Better Bird Scale for All Size Birds

Getting a couple of millet buds off a millet sprig with scissors then placing said millet on the scale.
Zeroing the scale with the touch of a button and bribing your bird with some nummy millet on the stainless steel scale makes things about as easy as it gets.
The entire process takes about a minute with huge payouts in terms of the health of your bird.
You see it’s unlikely that you nor I or even a trained avian veterinarian can tell if a bird is sick by a simple eyeball examination.
One of the best mechanisms nature built into birds was to never look sick – until they keel over and die.
Sudden changes in your bird’s body weight, when measured from week to week, can indicate any number of things. A female bird will get heavier if she’s carrying eggs.
Rapid weight loss can indicate the onset of any number of illnesses.
Bonus: Don’t forget that this is a handy-dandy kitchen scale and can be used for anything from recipes to light postage.
Weighing your bird is easy with a good scale.
If you have a long-tailed bird like a ringneck the tail goes over the edge of the table/counter the scale is sitting on.



Weight Range from 0~3000g (105.8219 oz). High precision strain gauge sensors that deliver trustworthy results every time; LCD display for clear readout in grams, lbs, oz.


SMART, SIMPLE, SUPERIOR: You can weigh in grams, pounds, pounds, and ounces. This is great for anything that you want to way. It doesn’t matter if it is liquid or solid.


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DEPENDABLE DESIGN: With a capacity of up to 3000g, the scale can take on the role of your assistant chef, so you can enjoy the leisure of refining your kitchen crafts with efficiency and quality. Can be used at home, at work, or anywhere else you might be worried about going over your daily caloric intake. The top is just slightly larger than the size of a DVD.


TARE BUTTON: There is a tare button so you can place a bowl on the scale, zero out the scale, and then add whatever you wish to weigh. The kitchen scale calculates the exact net weight of your ingredients by automatically subtracting the weight of the bowl or container your food may be in at the time.


EASY TO CLEAN: Made with strong durable Tempered Glass and premium quality materials, digital technology, and superior workmanship. There is a smooth sleek circular glass over the top which makes it easy to clean and prevents food or other liquids from getting down into the scale.

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