Why Won’t My Cockatiel Eat Sunflower Seeds?

Why Won’t My Cockatiel Eat Sunflower Seeds?

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Darnell G. asks

Can anyone tell me why my cockatiel won’t eat sunflower seeds when it is in the food?

There is always a lot of waste.

Dear Darnell

Not all birds will eat all seeds, nuts, grains, etc offered in a bird food mix. Our last cockatiel which was a rescue did not eat sunflower seeds or safflower seeds.


She ate all the smaller seeds, etc. We feel her past owner may have had mainly smaller birds like parakeets and as such, fed the cockatiel that as well.

That was not a problem however as she was a very good eater overall.


Popcorn the Cockatiel takes on Popcorn the bowl

She enjoyed her small seeds, even a few pellets and also ate veggies, a little fruit and anything else she could get from us.


She had her own dinner plate when we ate too.


A cockatiel as a thinner beak than conures that are the same size.


Even lovebirds that are smaller birds have a harder beak and may enjoy the larger seeds.


Unless a cockatiel has been offered the larger seeds when being weaned, it could be hard to get them to accept them later, but it can happen.


Here is a good Cockatiel sized seed mix that contains only a small amount of small sunflower seeds that can give your bird a good base diet.



Volkman Avian Science Super Cockatiel


Also please supplement with fresh veggies, some fruit and even add a good Multi-Vitamin like Nekton S for a complete diet.





Please also note.


ALL birds leave food waste.

It is their place on earth to reseed it and they don’t care that they are in your living room over the carpet. 

No bird will ever eat all of the food in their dish.




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