Windy City Parrot Birdie Boutique Store Hours

Windy City Parrot Birdie Boutique Store Hours

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Windy City Parrot Birdie Boutique
906 N Western Ave Chicago, IL 60622
  • 10 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Thursday
  • 10 AM to 3 PM Friday
  • Closed Saturday and Sunday
  • open 24/7/365
Call: 312-492-9673 during business hours for evening appointments
Hours can change depending on holidays, or other life’s events.
Please call ahead to insure we will be there for you.


  • Centrally located in Chicago for easy accessibility.
  • Free Street Parking. There are NO PARKING METERS near us.  
  • For more Information on holiday hours for order pick ups or to visit 
  • 877-287-0810: Toll Free (Chicago Suburban & Out-of-state)
  •  Please call 312-492-9673
  • Shipping hours will reflect store hours, our customer service help desk will also be active for questions and assistance. 
  • Local customers: If you or your pet has an emergency cage or food need during these closures please contact our help desk and we will assist if possible. 
  • I was fortunate enough to make the trip to Chicago to visit the Windy City Parrot store.
  • They have everything from nest supplies to food to toys. Big toys, small toys and every toy in between. What they don’t have in stock they will look into ordering in for your birds pleasure.I saw bags of food from small 2 pound bags to the large 25 lb bags. They have Harrisons, Zupreem and Lafebers Nutriberries galore and more. They have a huge variety of bird treats available. All foods are factory sealed, no open bins, no moths. They offer cages from finch and cockatiel size through to Amazon and Macaw size.
  • Prices are so reasonable even the penny pinchers wouldn’t mind paying. The quality of their products for the prices is just unbelievable. And if you are willing to make the drive it’s even better yet. For one, you get to shop once you get there and two there is no shipping charge on cash and carry products. Which brings me to this…they are also willing to ship most anything in their store.They stock Avian Disinfectants, Avian Safe Insect Traps and Poop Off. Everything they have is bird safe. The disinfectant is effective against over 50 pathogens which includes viruses, fungi and bacteria. It is odorless as well and safe to clean cages with. A quart bottle of Pet Focus Concentrate makes 32 gallons.
  • The proprietors of Windy City Parrots are Mitch Rezman and his lovely wife Catherine Tobsing. While shopping Catherine was great help she handed out shopping baskets and gave price quotes and helped choose appropriate toys for each bird. I ordered a huge cage online and upon arrival at their store decided it was way too large. Mitch didn’t think twice about helping select a cage size better suited to fit my home, it even cut his sale price but didn’t hurt his feelings any. He then went out of his way to select additional food dishes and perches to fit my birds properly. Then Mitch helped me out with the cage and helped load it onto my truck and tied it securely. A big THANK YOU is extended from me to Mitch and Catherine for their service, much appreciated.
  • I would definitely recommend a stop in if you are in Chicago it sure is worth the trip, if you are to far away, visit the web site at .
  • Keep in mind, they do ship. If you sign up for an online account you get free downloadable articles as well as special sales, emails earn rewards points for free products, and so much more.
  • I found out about Windy City Parrot from an online friend so another special THANK YOU is extended to Douglas.
  • ~Brenda L~



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  1. I’m planning to buy the Fluval Eco-Bright LED Full Spectrum 7500K Bird Aviary Lamp, but I don’t know what size to buy. My parrots’ cages are 24 inches x 24 inches, with a flat top. Any suggestions?

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