World Parrot Day is Celebrated Annually on May 31st

World Parrot Day is Celebrated Annually on May 31st

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World Parrot Day is celebrated annually on May 31st to raise awareness about the threats parrots face in the wild and to promote their well-being. 
The World Parrot Trust (WPT) started the day in 2004 with a rally in Trafalgar Square, London to highlight the destruction caused by the wild-caught bird trade. 
Today, the WPT hosts events for World Parrot Day, including live demonstrations, free-flying shows, and parrot care videos. Other organizations also participate in World Parrot Day celebrations, such as:
  • EAZA Parrot TAG: Promotes the day with educational activities in zoos around the world
  • Little Rock Zoo: Celebrates World Parrot Day with an event that’s included with admission

Toucan Rescue Ranch: Celebrates World Parrot Day by supporting Proyecto Anillos de Libertad, which helps parrots survive and thrive in their natural habitats 

World Parrot Day – World Parrot Trust WP

World Parrot Day is May 31! It was started by the World Parrot Trust (WPT) in 2004 as a way to let everyone know that these remarkable birds need protection in the wild.

Did you know nearly 1 in 3 parrot species are threatened in the wild due to habitat loss, trapping for the pet trade, and other human-generated threats?
Make a pledge to raise awareness about the plight of parrots and to commit to their well-being in companion care.
Add your name to show you care! Make a Pledge to Parrots! More Ways to Protect Parrots. Donate to Conservation Efforts. Become a World Parrot Trust Member. About WPT. Like you, we love parrots.
Silent Forest

Toucan Rescue Ranch
World Parrot Day 2024 – Toucan Rescue Ranch
Celebrating World Parrot Day by supporting Proyecto Anillos de Libertad at the Toucan Rescue Ranch allows you to contribute directly to the preservation of these remarkable birds.
It ensures that parrots not only survive but thrive in their natural habitats, maintaining the biodiversity essential for healthy ecosystems.
Join in this important celebration by helping safeguard the vibrant future of parrots around the globe. Upcoming Events. 25 May, 24. Education, Wildlife, International Holiday.
World Otter Day 2024. May 25, 2024. 31 May, 24. Education, Fundraiser, International Holiday, Parrots. World Parrot Day 2024. May 31, 2024.
Here are some ways to get involved in World Parrot Day:
  • Take a pledge: Pledge to raise awareness about parrots and commit to their well-being
  • Donate: Donate to conservation efforts
  • Become a member: Become a member of the World Parrot Trust
  • Send an ecard: Send a free World Parrot Day ecard to friends, family, and colleagues 

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