Wrong Travel Carrier Ordered for Meyers Parrot

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Dear Melissa

We received your ordr and uopon examinationof your order and the type of bird you have. A Red Bellied Parrot (about the size of a Meyers). the bar spacing may be too wide for this bird. 

You may before the #602 carrier at this listing


 Or even the #601


 Please take a look and see if you would like to change cages. We do not wish to send you a cage you cannot use. 

I also left you a voice mail. 

Thank you.

Catherine Tobsing

Thank you for your response. I have looked at the other cages that you suggested. If you be able to switch the cage from the original one I ordered to the #602 in white.

Thank you again for your suggestions and concerns. I was thinking of size of cage for him(red Belly parrot) and I thought he would be okay with the bar spacing, if you feel more comfortable with this cage, I do as well. I trust your experience and knowledge with your cages. This cage is for a weekend trip and we want him as safe as possible.




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