Our 12 Year Old Indian Ringneck Parrot Is Molting
Yellow Indian Ringneck Parakeet grooming its feathers

Our 12 Year Old Indian Ringneck Parrot Is Molting

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Kathy M. relates, 

Agni, our 12 year old IRN parrot is molting. We live in California. This one is a big molt, so he looks really scruffy. I’m wondering if there is anything particular in food or supplements that could be helpful. He eats Harrison’s Fine Adult pellets and a variety of fruits and veggies. Otherwise healthy.

Just wondering about your thoughts. Thank you. K

Dear Kathy

Molting uses up a lot of bodily resources and some molts are more severe than others.

If your bird allows you to handle and pet him, he may not enjoy the touching until the molt is over as the feathers are pointy.

His body needs more protein even fats to help him through this.

You are using Harrisons Adult Lifetime Fine normally? You might consider switching to Harrisons High Potency during his molt to give him that little extra.

A supplement that you can put in his water or mix/sprinkle on his wet foods can also help.

Nekton Bio Protein 35 g

Will he eat chicken? Bits of chicken and meat are also good. Served fresh and not left in the cage.

Let us know if you require further assistance.


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