White-fronted Amazon, Amazona albifrons, Spectacled Amazon or White-fronted Parrot, the smallest Amazon Parrot, native to Central America
71375111 - white-fronted amazon, amazona albifrons, spectacled amazon or white-fronted parrot, the smallest amazon parrot, native to central america

These 5 Opera Singing Amazon Parrot Videos May Worry Pavarati

Last Updated on by Mitch Rezman

Menino the parrot is great producing a broad vocal range fromhe Queen of the Night’s aria from Mozart’s The Magic Flute – 


This Amazon gives Pavarotti a run for his money on the ballad, Caruso.

Here’s a yellow front Amazon working hard to saying ‘Nessun Dorma’ but does an Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers (forgeting the words to “I Robot” at a recent concert) and lapses into a Queen of the Night’s aria.,

Pavorati can sing but we know he can’t fly


I could listen to these blue fronted Amazond sing this Magic Flute rendition. Well maybe for 5 minutes

Kermit the Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot just can’t impress the cat with his operetic voice

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