Are My Budgies Un-trainable?

Are My Budgies Un-trainable?

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Hi Mitch!

Any thoughts on clicker training?  Any videos on your site for that?

Thanks ahead for any insight…

Rocco (Michael)


Kudos for clicker training here you go.

More clicker training videos can be found here

And here is an inexpensive Clicker.

Wow, thanks a lot!  Can’t wait to get started on the training!

PS  And the birds love cuttlebone, I think I’m gonna need a cuttlebone holder or some such thing…the metal clip that came with the one I have doesn’t hold well…

Here you go. Very easy clip to hang and holds up well.



Hi Mitch

What can I do if my parakeets do not approach the stick?  I have tried cooing, and being very very patient, but so far no luck…

Are my birds untrainable?

My response,

All animals are trainable.

Have you tried holding a long millet spray?

It may take some patience. These 12-count bags of Millet from Higgins can entice even the most timid budgies.

What are they eating, what are they ignoring? They might not be hungry. Are you trying different times of the day? Is the millet fresh?

If they have millet in their diet now, pull it out of rotation and try a training session after 48 hours with no millet.

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Is a potato chip every once in a while bad for my parrot?

It won’t hurt your bird but what’s your point?

It’s not good for the bird in any way because of the fat and the salt.  With all the healthy food available to birds made for birds you’re selecting something unhealthy for birds & admit it, humans.

You are far better off with almonds, walnuts sunflower kernels, and the like.

– NO potato chips – salt is bad for birds too!

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