A Follow Up to Our Budgie with a Broken Wing
A Follow Up to Our Budgie with a Broken Wing

A Follow Up to Our Budgie with a Broken Wing

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Above – flock mates visit Smoke while still in hospital birdcage.

Dateline 09/21/2023 Plan “F”

Budgie wiith broken wing wrapped in vet wrap knots..

What you’re looking at:

I cut 2-inch vet wrap lengthwise into 6 strips making it manageable.

Catherine restrained him which was no easy feat considering he’s been eating well and regaining his strength.

I took each 12-inch long strip and looked for an anchor point on the bone.

I then formed a loop on an opposite anchor point, tied a double knot, trimmed the ends, rinse ~ repeat.

5 strips, 5 double knots.

So far I think he’s more intimidated than anything but he has not bothered to try breaching the bandage.

I’ll watch him for a couple of days and decide when it is right to return him to Gen Pop ~ stay tuned.

I’m now emboldened to use the same material to make a “collar,” another prophylactic layer.

In the meantime, after the bandage application, the knotted vet wrap is not looking very eloquent but NO BLEEDING for 24 hours!

Budgie with a Broken Wing wearing a vet wrap bandage.

Rather than traumatize him daily we’ll wait untill tomorrow to “shore things up.”

In a couple of days after that we’ll remove all the wrap, clean and disenfect the exposed areas and look for him to be on the mend.

I couldn’t find the instruction book on this one.

How we got here

Smoke has had a broken wing for months and seemed to be getting by just fine.

Occasionally we’d hear a “clunk” as he fell or jumped to the bottom of the cage.

One day we saw a perch covered in blood, Smoke had begun to pluck, probably from the pain.

Here’s the back story

I made the decision yesterday to move Smoke back into the big aviary.

The choice was based on seeing he had recovered most of his strength.

I tried 2 weeks ago but he had trouble negotiating lower perches.

Budgie on rope perch next to a Tweeky Clean feeder
             Smoke on rope perch next to a Tweeky Clean feeder

While Smoke was back in the hospital cage we added some “handicapped routes.”

We ensured he could “hop into” or “pass by” any number of food and water stations.

He’s still picking at his shoulder.

We spray him alternately with Natra No Pick and an OTC spray on wound care solution.

What’s my next move?

What We’re Doing to Help Smoke Our Budgie With a Broken Wing

I severely clipped all the feathers off the broken wing but we couldn’t stop the plucking.

Budgie in womans hand showing bloody remanents of budgies bloody wing

Collars haven’t worked.

The problem was that he would keep losing his balance wearing any style of anti-pick collar.

Budgie with leather band protecting broken wing.

So I fabricated a leather “shield” secured with a tiny cable tie.

Fingers crossed.

Leather sheath with bandaid pad to place over budgies broken wing

For the record, we cleaned the wound with alcohol and placed a bandage pad internally to reduce abrasion.

Written by Mitch Rezman
Approved by Catherine Tobsing

Solo budgie on perch wearing leather sheaf over broken wing

It took 2 days for him to bite through the tiny cable ties. 

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