What Do I Do for My Green Cheek Conures Beak Overgrowth?

Susan is seeking advice, 

My 9-year-old conure is having an issue with his beak.

Two months ago I had his Avian vet trim his top beak as it was very long. Less than a month later his bottom beak got really long. So back to the Vet Jax went. The vet said to give him hard nuts to chew or a cuttlebone.


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I Have Questions About My Lovebirds Care

Jim relates,

We have a 12-year-old lovebird.

He’s had all kinds of injuries over the past 5 yrs and early last year we discovered he has glaucoma.

We found him on the floor which is very unusual and realized he injured himself …he now has tilted his head to the left and can’t lift it straight up or hold it in the position much longer.


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