Alpha Male Macaw Tip
Blue and yellow macaw parrot with clipped stretched wings on branch in bird park

Alpha Male Macaw Tip

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A Greenwing Macaw owner and a very good customer were in the shop the other night. We got to talking about the “intimidation factor” of big birds. The man’s children are adults but are not comfortable around his Macaw named Mac.

He and his wife got the bird at 5 months old and have had Mac for about a year and a half.

Mac has a Prevue 3155 Victorian Top Macaw Cage.

My customer said when Mac got to a year old he climbed to the top of his cage and did something he had never done before.

As his human, Mike approached, Mac spread his wings signaling “I’m an Alpha Male” “I’m the boss!”

Without missing a beat, Mike grabbed the closest chair, placed it in front of the cage, and stood on the chair (which now made Mike a head taller than Mac).

Then Mike extended both his arms, like wings, looked Mac in the eye, and evenly said to Mac “I’m the big dog in this flock.” Mike then reached out, and asked for a “step up.” Mac obliged and Mike immediately put Mac back in his cage.

Although very simple, this is a great technique for reminding your big birds – who’s the boss?

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