Are Canaries From the Linnet or Finch Family?

Are Canaries From the Linnet or Finch Family?

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Common linnet ~ above


Thomas C. provides input


Your article, I believe, is incorrect.


Canarys are from the Linnet family and not the finch.

(Editor’s note: I do not know which article. endnote)



Greetings Thomas

“Though zebra finches, society finches, and canaries are all finches, they originated in different parts of the world”.


Read more:


“The common linnet (Linaria cannabina) is a small passerine bird of the finch family, Fringillidae. It derives its common name and the scientific name, Linaria, from its fondness for hemp seeds and flax seeds—flax being the English name of the plant from which linen is made”. Read more:





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