What Are The Difference Between Finches and Canaries?

The zebra finch and canary are the most popular birds kept by pet owners, after budgies and cockatiels.

They both also have a long history in captivity, as does the society finch.

Let’s take a look at how these birds are alike and how they differ.


If you’re considering adding a finch or a canary to your family, you might be surprised to find that a canary is a finch. So you are only choosing among finches, really.


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In Response to “Do You Serve Your Pet Bird Chop?”

Sherry L. comments:

Yes, my birds are fed ‘chop’ (Arlo the grey, calls it ‘bobbity’) This is a new term for what I have done for 28+ years.

Chop is chopped veg, grains, and sometimes, a tiny bit of seed sprinkled on top or a bit of walnut, or something.

I used to cut the vegetables larger because Arlo was pretty accepting of lots of things, and I didn’t have a food processor.

I also (now) feed Arlo a pelleted diet, along with the chop.

She also gets a small amount of fruit, and sometimes about an inch square of chicken breast (baked) or some steamed scallop (yum).


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Can a Canary and Weaver Finch Share a Cage?

Black-headed weaver (AKA weaversweaverbirdsweaver finches, and bishops) male nest building ~ above

Jeanne G. writes:

I have a canary and am thinking about getting a Weaver finch.

Feathered factoid: Finches are part of the canary family.

At the pets store, they were in the same cage: canaries and one Weaver finch that the owner said sings beautifully.

My young canary is just starting to sing.


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Why is It So Critical to Know Different Pet Bird Species?

Why is it so important to understand the differences between bird species?


I’m not ashamed to say we get more deliveries from Amazon (like most Americans) then we care to talk about.


This week a new Amazon driver “Patrick” handed off an envelope then said “I’ve never been here before – this place looks cool.”



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What are the absolute worst types of parrots for a first-time bird owner?

Once again, although well-intentioned, people are breaking down your choices into the macro of species (Quora question).

One answer started with

  1. Cockatoos
  2. Macaws
  3. Amazons

Yet these three species come in close to a combined 100 flavors.


Major Mitchell cockatoos are not loud, and not necessarily cuddly


Bare eyed cockatoos are all but demure


Noble macaws are only 12 to 14 inches long.


Hyacinth macaws are up to 44 inches long – 4 times the size of a noble macaw.


You can’t compare the two just because the are macaws.


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What To Feed My 27 Birds From Finches To A Blue Front Amazon
common pet parakeet, African Grey Parrot, lovebirds, Zebra finch and Cockatielin front of white background

What To Feed My 27 Birds From Finches To A Blue Front Amazon

Hi I’m looking for a dietary regimen for an Amazon Blue Front parrot.

He is used to a seed diet and I’m looking to provide him with a healthier diet.

Do you have any recommendations?

Also, I need a healthy diet for a sun conure. A dietary regimen for parakeets and also for finches of various varieties.

I’m looking to save money considering I have 27 different birds.


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