Are Non Stick Air Fryers Bird Safe?
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Are Non Stick Air Fryers Bird Safe?

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Louisa B. is concerned with air fryer toxicity,

I have been looking for an air fryer and all say nonstick, but no details. Are you aware of any that do not use Teflon? Many thanks. I have two birds.


Dear Louisa


It isn’t just air fryers, it is toaster ovens, fry pans, cookware, etc that state non-stick, but not all have surfaces that are toxic. In fact, they are getting a lot better at producing products that are safe for our pets and us.


Until just recently we were adamantly against the plastic bags they use in crock pots and for cooking turkeys, but they have been proven to be completely safe. 


In fact, the bags used in the oven actually help keep the air cleaner for us all as there is no grease/fat being superheated on the oven walls and becoming airborne for us to breathe in.


The Best Air Fryers: Non Toxic Models – Jenuine Home


Normal use of many non-stick products is safe, but once overheated or burned, even a recognized as a safe product can become deadly to our pets or us as it outgases chemicals that never should be inhaled.


A new air fryer, as well as a new skillet, should be washed and dried to remove any coatings applied by the manufacturer, often to make things a little prettier before use. 


Bird Teflon Dangers You Didn’t Know & Other Household Perils


No appliances should be set to cook and left without supervision when there are birds, pets, children, the elderly, and on just as a safety precaution.


I admit to wanting an air fryer soon as my fancy convection toaster oven finally died recently and I too have concerns about them.


However, air fryers are not new on the market and likely a lot of the bugs have been worked out as to their safe use. 


I would choose a name brand over a no-name company for better product liability and support.


There is no for sure with anything of course and we hope to never hear about an air fryer that took down a household or their birds, pets.



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