Are Peanuts a Hazard for Birds?

Are Peanuts a Hazard for Birds?

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Jan F. asked the question:

Is there something wrong with peanuts?

I see bird feeds specifically saying “no peanuts”.

Is there something wrong with peanuts?

I give my severe macaw about 4 unsalted, roasted, unshelled peanuts on top of his pellet variety every day.

Dear Jan

Peanuts if not stored properly by growers or pet food manufacturers can be subject to molds that include Aspergillus flavus and A. parasiticus which can be detrimental to pet birds.


Especially those with immune issues.


We are satisfied that the peanuts used by the bird food manufacturers we use are safe.


It is up to you to decide if your birds should have peanuts in your diets.


We have Peanut Free and Sunflower Free food sections to make it easier for those who don’t want these seeds in their bird’s mixes to shop.





Hi Jan,


Given the current coin shortage it’s been difficult to add my two cents, but here goes:


Any protein stored improperly will develop mold, leaving out pizza, cold cuts, or Chinese food unrefrigerated will create mold.


Humidity is peanuts enemy thus fresh peanuts should be stored and a cool dry place with air circulation.


Some will advocate not to offer “roasted” peanuts but in fact, you will end up with a drier nut having about the same nutrition as raw peanuts.


High-temperature roasting will oxidize polyunsaturated fats which creates free radicals that may damage your bird’s cell.


Low-temperature roasting will avoid this.


Roasting also allows the peanut’s fats exposed to oxygen which reduces the nut’s shelf life.


Lastly, if a weekend expert insists peanuts are bad for parrots, ask them this question:


“If South America is the second-largest producer of peanuts on the planet while having the single largest parrot populations globally, why haven’t parrots been falling out of the sky since South American farmer’s started growing peanuts?” (about 3500 B.C.)




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