What Do I Do for My Green Cheek Conures Beak Overgrowth?

Susan is seeking advice, 

My 9-year-old conure is having an issue with his beak.

Two months ago I had his Avian vet trim his top beak as it was very long. Less than a month later his bottom beak got really long. So back to the Vet Jax went. The vet said to give him hard nuts to chew or a cuttlebone.


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I Have Questions About My Lovebirds Care

Jim relates,

We have a 12-year-old lovebird.

He’s had all kinds of injuries over the past 5 yrs and early last year we discovered he has glaucoma.

We found him on the floor which is very unusual and realized he injured himself …he now has tilted his head to the left and can’t lift it straight up or hold it in the position much longer.


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What Are The Difference Between Finches and Canaries?

The zebra finch and canary are the most popular birds kept by pet owners, after budgies and cockatiels.

They both also have a long history in captivity, as does the society finch.

Let’s take a look at how these birds are alike and how they differ.


If you’re considering adding a finch or a canary to your family, you might be surprised to find that a canary is a finch. So you are only choosing among finches, really.


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Are Any Food or Supplements Able to Reduce My IRNs Plucking?

Kathy M.  has concerns about her Molting IRN (Indian ringneck) parrot


Agni, our 12-year-old IRN parrot is molting.


We live in California. This one is a big molt, so he looks really scruffy.


I’m wondering if there is anything particular in food or supplements that could be helpful.



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How Do I Care for the Special Needs of an Older Budgie?

Debra C. wants to know how to care for the special needs of an older budgie,

I love all of the wonderful info about taking better care of my birds that I am able to take away from your newsletters.

But I am especially wanting more info on how to meet all the needs of my precious 9-year-old Goofus.

She still gets around in her cage pretty well most of the time by climbing, She is a fast climber. Sometimes she flies, I have added extra perches across the length of the cage so she doesn’t have to fly far.

She seems to have her good days and her not-so-good ones. But she seems happy. She and my much younger male budgie Lavender have fallen in love and are mostly inseparable.


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