Are There Too Many Sunflower Seeds in Volkman Eclectus Food?
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Are There Too Many Sunflower Seeds in Volkman Eclectus Food?

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Too Many Sunflower Seeds in Volkman Ecky

Susan G writes

Hi Mitch, Catherine.

I have been feeding my eclectus Volkman seed for eclectus for a long time.

Seems in the last year the bags are half full with sunflower seeds.

I reached out to the company said they would look into it but needed numbers off the bag.

Didn’t save the bag but told them I could order a small one to get numbers.

Haven’t heard back.

Told them I would have to switch seed, not paying that price for sunflower seeds! 

I live in the florida keys so we have to order everything for parrots.

Just wanted to know if you have noticed a change, too many sunflower seeds in their brand. Thanks Susan


Dear Susan


I looked at the bags we have in stock and they do show the large white and grey striped seeds in the bag.

Upon turning the bag over, I don’t see a lot.

But then the large lightweight seeds do tend to float to the top.


I really don’t know of any changes in their formula over the past year.


Do you order the vitamin free Eclectus seed mix due to concerns about your Ecky having issues with vitamins, etc?



Dietary issues don’t make them ill, what happens is they might start toe-tapping or other twitching if they are sensitive to vitamin supplementation.

If this occurs, reversing the behavior can be done with diet.

If you have never had this issue you may like to consider another mix, one with less or without sunflower seeds.


If you like the Volkman Eclectus Mix (it is pretty nice), then consider adding a bag of the Volkman Hookbill to it which is Safflower Seed based and that may do the trick.


If this idea sounds good, but you have concerns about the vitamins, Volkman’s has the Safflower Seeds available alone without supplementation here.


I hope this helps.

Catherine, I did hear back from Volkman.

They said they have not changed the mixture but due to some light weight sunflower seed there could have been more.

I just thought that a quart size zip lock full of sunflower seeds was too much for a 3 pound bag.

Yes we all listen TOO MUCH online stuff about eclectus and added vitamins.

Never had a problem with the boys.

I’ll just keep doing what I do and not worry about added vitamins, unless we start to have a problem.

I did add some other seed to volkmans I do let them have sunflower seed but not a half cup!

I love your Sunday e-mail. Grandma always said everything in moderation. Thanks Susan


Dear Susan


Sounds like you did all the right things.


Yes, just watch the Ecky’s for odd behaviors. If nothing, then all is good.


Our rescued African Ringneck will eat anything we feed him, but yes, if the mix has a lot of sunflower seeds he will pick them out first.

He does fine with safflower seeds so he gets mainly those types of mixes unless we have an odd bag for him.


As long as he is eating.



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