Are Your Indoor Aviaries Suitable for Outside Use?
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Are Your Indoor Aviaries Suitable for Outside Use?

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Stacy T. asks:

Are your indoor aviaries suitable for outdoor use?

Any articles on letting amazon have outdoor time in summer?

We live in SIL.

Seemed like last time I put him out he had some allergies around his eyes.

Dear Stacy


No, the indoor aviaries are not suitable for outdoor use. The coatings would not hold up to the sun, rain, etc and would start to rust and degrade.


The next best option is to get a smaller cage on wheels and roll it in and out on nice days.


Regarding the irritation around your bird’s eyes, are you near a road or factory with emissions?


Have you discussed it with your birds vet?


Stacy T. replied:

No we live in the country.

I would think it would have to do with Some allergies from a tree.


We don’t put them outside anymore because of it.


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Dear Stacy

I assume birds can have sensitivities to some plants, but in the wild, they can normally fly away from them.


I can see where it can be a problem if caged nearby.


Perhaps identify and make a list of all plants, shrubs, trees, etc in your area and look them up.


Also, some may only be a problem during flowering times and pollination.


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Even though there are harnesses for birds, I prefer to not trust them.


I like to use a small cage or carrier and just carry it outside, remove the tray from the bottom and let the bird nibble and play with the glass and plants that come up through the built-in grille bottom.


Prevue 1305 bird travel carrierFold Away Carrier 1305


And of course, always under supervision.


Stacy T
Good idea!

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