Do You Know What Glue or Bonding Materials Are Bird-safe?

Do You Know What Glue or Bonding Materials Are Bird-safe?

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Jennnifer T. relates:

I’m a parent to 4 feathered friends, my eldest being a 26-year-old quaker who is way too smart for his own good.


I’ve been collecting old toys and have been recreating them into different toys hoping they may be interested.


Does anyone know of glue or other bonding material that is bird safe?


I’ve been using rope and twisties but could do more with glue.


Appreciate any feedback.


Also, I’d like to add that I really appreciate this blog, so much fun, thanks for putting it out there


Dear Jennifer

Being creative with leftover bird toy parts can save a lot of money on bird toys for sure.


Most glues are perfectly safe when fully dry. Even the ones used for plastics, once fully dry and there are no residual odors detected they are fine.


Make Big Bird Toys Fast and Cheap ~ Video


We like to use simple white or tan wood glues for wood toys. They are safe and edible.


Other options are leather thongs, and 100% cotton cords/rope, plastic, and metal chains.


Another option is these kabob/skewers.


It is so easy to just unscrew the ball at the top, slide on anything with a predrilled hole.


Poke the rod through the top or side of your cage and replace the ball.


Expandable Habitat Stainless Steel
Kabobs for introducing food and toys into bird cages


Even the smartest of your flock can’t unscrew them.


I hope this helps.



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