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 A part of animal rescue goes beyond that of helping dogs, cats, or even bunnies. Exotic bird rescue needs just as much help from the community as organizations that help those with wagging tails. The AZ Exotic Bird Rescue Inc., through a series of questions has shared information with me about their wonderful organization, which helps rehabilitate and adopt homeless exotic birds.

1.) What is the mission of Arizona Exotic Bird Rescue?
~ Arizona Exotic Bird Rescue, Inc. is a non-profit, charitable, corporation established to meet the needs of surrender parrots and other exotic birds. Our avian rescue/sanctuary is located in sunny Mesa, Arizona. Our primary function is to accept and rescue surrendered, displaced, abandoned, neglected, and abused parrots. We provide rehabilitation, behavioral therapy, retirement, and adoption services for exotic birds. 
2.) What do you need from the community?
~We are a no-kill, non-profit organization funded solely through adoption fees and donations. No salaries or wages are paid to our entirely volunteer staff. 100% of all monies donated go to provide, housing, health care, superior nutrition as well as stimulating individual environments and proper socialization. We depend on you the public, to support this amazing endeavor. Monitory donations are always needed and most welcomed.
3.) What is the adoption process?
~ The Adoption Process: 
You must first fill out and submit an ‘Application To Adopt.’ It’s available on our website.
Following our review of your application you will be contacted by phone during normal business hours (9:00am To 5:00 PM) for your first interview by a member of our staff. Note: When completing an application answer the questions in detail. If answers are too vague or left blank the application will not be processed. In the event a question simply doesn’t apply fill in the blank with n/a. Example: Are you a legal citizen of the Unites States? Answer: No – Please explain: Answer: I hold citizenship in Canada but reside in Arizona half of the year where I own my own home. 
You may be interviewed by a second member of our staff having completed the first. 
Every question on the application must be answered honestly.
A home study may be completed. Applicants living within a 25-mile radius of our Mesa, AZ location will be expected to cover our travel expenses with a $25 donation for the ‘home study’ if required. Those living farther will be charged accordingly. This in no way guarantees approval but could assist in our decision.
We may do a complete background check on an applicant and or other household members.
An applicant may be ask to provide proof of income.
Providing you qualify to that point all persons living in your home will have a face to face interview at the rescue and meet the birds.
You may be required to come visit the bird you are interested in adding to your life on more than one occasion to form a bond prior to taking him or her home if adoption is approved.
Persons under the age of 21 need not apply. We have found this requirement to be in the best interest of our birds.
An applicant’s experience with exotic birds plays a major role in the type of bird they are approved to adopt. Example: A person that has no experience with exotic birds would not be approved to adopt a large Macaw or parrots of similar size. They would be expected to gain experience and understanding with an educational program and starting out with a smaller bird. The amount of time you are able to spend with a bird is also very important. Some parrots need more time with their owner than others. Persons with very young children, infants, or planning a pregnancy need not apply as this is the most common reason parrots are surrendered to rescues. A parrot’s bite can severely injure little ones. Other restrictions apply such as being financially stable and being able to provide a calm, solid environment.
4.) What are the adoption fees?
~ A minimum adoption donation is required upon placement of a bird. In other words if the minimum fee is $200 to adopt a parrot some folks elect to donate over and above that amount. We are a charitable non-profit corporation avian sanctuary recognized on both a state and federal level as an animal shelter. Adoption fees vary depending on the type of bird, its age, behavior and health issues. For example a Congo African Grey ($500 to $1,000) is going to be more than a Quaker Parrot ($100 to $200). 
5.) What kind of events do you sponsor?
~ We are available to speak at schools and nursing homes. We provide rehabilitation, behavioral therapy, retirement, and adoption services for exotic birds. The Board of Directors, Advisory Board, and other Volunteers of Arizona Exotic Bird Rescue, Inc. have extensive experience working with exotic birds. We place great emphasis on educating the public, both those with parrots and those considering adding a parrot to their lives, about the needs and care of these amazing birds. 
6.) What is the adoption hours, location, and ways to contact?
~ We are not open to the public. Only persons that are surrendering a parrot or those who have completed the adoption process and have met with our approval are permitted to come to our establishment on an appointment basis. We have a contact form available on our website. Our e-mail address is: [email protected] Those persons considering surrendering their parrots are welcome to call us at 480-380-3231. If you are interested in adoption please submit a completed application prior to calling us.
7.) What type of birds do you have available?
~ For the safety of the many parrots in our care and the everchanging population that’s not a question I will answer directly. You are welcome to visit our website to become aquantied with some of our birds.
8.) How and where are these animals rescued?
~ Arizona Exotic Bird Rescue, Inc. was created in response to all of the birds whose needs are not being met: Those who will lose their homes because their loving human caretakers become ill, start a human family, move, find themselves in dire financial straits or experience another major life change. We serve the Southwestern United States as a refuge for displaced exotic birds that are relinquished by their owners. We do not allow adoptions outside of Arizona.
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