How Do I Handle My 2 Amazon Rescues Both With a Broken Wing?

How Do I Handle My 2 Amazon Rescues Both With a Broken Wing?

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Good Morning, I am rescuing 2 abused Amazon parrots – Male / Female.


Both have 1 broken wing and cannot fly.


Female about 4-5 years old).


The male (about 15 yrs) picks the top of this wing and has scabs – not healed – what can I do to promote healing?


From my observation, both birds are under extreme stress.


Please let me know what I can apply topically to prevent further picking and plucking.


Dear Vilma,

Wonderful that you are helping these two birds.

You will need to get them fitted with collars. I do not recommend a plastic collar as they will be miserable.

But there are numerous soft fleece collars that work very well.


Google this ” Fleece Parrot collar”


It will bring up numerous options.


If one bird is picking at the other bird’s scabs, etc, then they will need to be separated through the healing time.


I hope this helps




the vet in the video is using self-adhering nonadhesive vet wrap 


Mitch writes:


I would use vet wrap over the broken wings bird’s body leaving the good wing free.


Lower all the perches and toys to the bottom of the cage because the bird will have an impaired sense  of balance.


Are all 4 wings broken or 1 wing on each bird?


Vilma responds:


One wing on each Parrot…


The woman who is supposed to re-home them with me has not continued contact – and I talked to the Vet where we met and it turns out that she is NOT a regular client.


I am an established customer of his for more than 20 years.


So I am ready for when they show up…


Thank you for keeping us in mind… Many Blessings!

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