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Hi I have african greys that are on Abba seed diet, but-what can you recommend as far as a GOOD seed mix as I add Zupreem pellets? Thanks, I’d like a mix with the best nutrition available:0

Dear Patti
We offer many varieties of good bird food. The best one is the one your birds will eat (and that have a good variety of good quality ingredients).
You mention your birds are eating Abba just fine. We do not carry it as it is not readily available in our area and we have numerous equally good foods.
Many bird foods are blends now that contain both seeds, fruits, veggies and pellets. Since you are already happy with using Zupreem pellets I am recommending a food line with a few mixes without pellets in them.
These three blends are excellent and fly out of our store daily.
Madagascar Delite
Caribbean Bounty
Schmitt’s Original Fruit N’ Nut – 25 oz
The majority of other blends and manufacturers all seem to be adding pellets in various forms to create a balanced diet without having to add additional pellets or vitamins (note, if your bird is on an all pellet diet, do not add additional vitamins as pellets are fully vitaminized enough)
So other mixes that we offer and recommend are as follows.
Volkman Avian Science Super Parrot Food 4 lb Item# 31502331039
Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Bird Food – Parrot 3 lb Item# 31502151131
80441 Hagen Living World Premium Large Parrot Bird Food 3.7 LB Item# 31501501031
We have so many varieties of quality foods it is not possible to list them all here.
Please go to our food section and take a look. If you have any questions, please let me know.
Some items may be out of stock due to our wide variety of offerings but are usually back in within a few days, you can add yourself to the wait list in a listing and when it is back in stock you will get an email notification and you can place your order.
Thank you

Hi thanks for reply! Now what Volkman would you recommend-right size for Greys?? I can then mix the pellets in with that… Thanks!

Dear Patti
The Volkman Parrot has Sunflower Seeds, The Volkman Hookbill has Safflower Seeds instead.
They both have a small amount of a pellet in them, but not heavy. You may in time decide to switch away from Zupreem added in.
Thank you

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