Why are Booda Soft Rope Perches So Necessary in Your Cage?

Why are Booda Soft Rope Perches So Necessary in Your Cage?

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Although we sell thousands of bird products, certain items stand out among the rest. Booda Soft Rope Comfy Perches are one of them.

Let’s start with the fact that a bird who lives 30 years and sleeps on the same perch spends more than 100,000 hours on that perch.
Take into account that birds are able to lock their feet around a perch because of something called a flexor tendon on the outer portion of their leg. (This is why birds can sleep standing up or even on one leg without falling over.)

Birds also have fewer nerves in their feet which is nature’s way of allowing them to land on prickly tree branches and other normally (for other animals) inhospitable surfaces.

So tightly gripping an abrasive surface for all that time has the potential for soreness, abrasions, and infection. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you could avoid these problems? That’s where Booda Soft Rope Comfy Perches. They provide a soft surface for your bird’s feet to grip. They are washable so they have a long useful lifetime. They’re also flexible which makes them more versatile than you ever imagined.

Use them for sleeping perches, fun perches, or as bridges between the cage and play stand. They can be stand-alone play tops (or play sides) and can easily be rearranged and reshaped on a regular basis which will challenge your bird mentally and physically. They are available in three rope diameters. The three diameters of rope perches, come in three lengths. Comfy Crosses, Comfy Swings, and Byrdy Bushes each come in three sizes. The large variety of sizes will accommodate any kind of caged birds from Gouldian Finches to Hyacinth Macaws.

Rather than blathering on about these wonderful items, we did what we do with a lot of stuff we’re passionate about, we made a video and hope it’ll explain everything.


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