I Love My Bird – I Hate the Mess – A Helping Guide to Bird Mess Containment

I Love My Bird – I Hate the Mess – A Helping Guide to Bird Mess Containment

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Every parrot owner deals with the issue of messiness with seeds or pellets that get tossed out of the cage or water splashes wetting the cage liners.

No parrot parent likes to have just changed the cage liner, swept or vacuumed debris from around the cage, and provided clean water dishes only to realize that their bird has just decided to soak the entire cage floor and the food by trying to bathe in their water dish or has decided to toss out part of their food in a wide sweep that sprinkles on the newly-cleaned floor, has just taken a poop in their water dish or had poop fall into the newly-served food.

Here at Windy City Parrot, we offer a wide variety of replacement or spare food dishes and water dishes.

You’ll find whatever size, shape, style, material, and depth you need. We recommend that every parrot owner have at least one spare set up of water and food service so that fresh, clean food and water can be served without having to rush to wash and dry the only set that comes with most cages.

We’d like to call your attention to some of the benefits of choosing food and water service for your parrot that cuts down on your work in the cleaning department. At first glance, you may not realize how beneficial these new methods of providing for your bird’s dietary needs can be.

Some people like the clear plexiglass food service dishes and these do cut down on the mess to a large degree, but many birds do not like sticking their heads into an enclosed space even if it is clear or doesn’t find the perch on the dish comfortable. You want your bird to be comfortable while eating, just like you want to be comfy when having your breakfast or dinner.

The most effective solution that we at Windy City Parrot have found for medium, medium-large, and large birds is the Mess Less Feeder Dish and No-Slip Perch.

Find Mess-Less Pet bird Feeder on Windy City Parrot ~ Here

Designed to be the perfect solution for the parrot parent that has thought or said, “Gee, if only the food and water dishes were in the middle of the cage, there wouldn’t be all this mess to clean up”, the 1-3/8 inch diameter no-slip perch attaches to the cage bars and extends a full 20 inches into the cage where the 20-ounce round dish allows the bird to actually eat in or near the center of the cage so that debris falls onto the cage floor instead of into your carpet or on your floor covering.

The non-porous material from which the perch is made is easy to clean with a simple wipe with an antibacterial unscented wet wipe for small daily messes.

For thorough cleaning, remove the perch of the cage and soak in soap and water, wash it clean, and then dry it completely before replacing it in the cage. The perch can not be placed in the dishwasher.

The bowl can be emptied, wiped with an antibacterial wipe.

It is safe to wash on the top shelf of the dishwasher for easy cleaning. If you wish, you can wash it by hand with soap and water, drying it before refilling it with food and replacing it on the perch. The bowl is easy on and easy off, so removal and replacement are simple and fast.

A product that uses a similar idea that is suited to small birds (and available for large ones too) is the coconut shell perch and feeder cup.

While this product requires loosening the perch for each refill, the time-saving in-floor clean-up time can make it well worthwhile. This bowl/perch combo is really a natural coconut shell attached to a 5/8th inch perch that is 7-3/4 inches long.

This mess-reducing feeder is great for birds that may feel overwhelmed by the Mess Less Feeder Cup and No-Slip Perch solution.

The very best way to prevent poop in any bird’s water is to use the sanitary and easy-to-use Lixit Bird water bottle. This bottle looks much like the one you might be familiar with from hamster and guinea pig cages and, in fact, the Lixit Bird can be used by any small animal.

These water bottles are available for small, medium, and large birds and replacement parts ensure your bottle will last a long time.

With these modern solutions to the problem of messy birds, you can remove the seed guard from your parrot’s cage. You’ll be happier and can spend the time saved cleaning and playing with your beautiful feathered companion.

You’ll find keeping your bird’s food and water safe and healthy much, much easier.

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