Why Are Brand Name Bird Cages Better?

Why Are Brand Name Bird Cages Better?

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No Name Cages – Whose makin’ em?

As we struggle with higher gas prices, seek to cut back on summer vacations & find ways to save money on pet care, we are fortunate to have an incredible amount of choices.

Maybe too many?

Over the past few years, Windycityparrot.com has sold cages from numerous cage manufacturers.

How do we choose whose cages to sell? We have 3 criteria.

How long has the company been producing cages?

The China phenomenon is interesting.

It’s our understanding there are two factors at work.

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First, in spite of China’s exponential economic growth, the price of economic change causes many factories to struggle to stay open hence they offer very attractive prices to build and deliver cages.

Anyone today with a pocket full of money and a visa can import cages into the US.

Good news for the consumer – great prices.

Bad news for the consumer – what are they made out of?

(Ever wonder why so many cages with different manufacturer’s names look so similar?)

Once an individual goes to China, cuts the deal and returns home to await delivery.

No one is left to watch.

Older powder coating (originally designed to cover metal lawn furniture) contains zinc.

An unsuspecting new cage entrepreneur would have no idea that a lesser grade of powder coating may be substituted.

Unauthorized substandard metals and components are constantly found in Chinese consumer items all the time.

Small cage importers who sell their goods on large auction sites and bird shows may never know if they’ve been duped.

Even if they find out – they have no recourse and end up-sell their cages off to recoup their investment.

The companies Windycityparrot.com represents dozens of years of experience in trading with China.

They have sound relationships and are large enough so if a Chinese manufacturer were to change the rules – the Chinese factory would risk losing far too much business.2.

How committed is the cage company to customer service?

We’ve dealt with some cage companies whose idea of communication is voicemail.

If you have a question – you want an answer, not “we’ll return your call within one business day.”

If we drop ship we want a tracking number we can forward to you – not just an invoice in the mail a week later.

Spare parts?

Let’s face it, any mass-produced item can have imperfections.

Shipping (damage) happens.

You have a live animal waiting for a home.

You need replacement parts, not promises.

How deep is their inventory?

Catalogs are great.

But if a company offers 5 colors and only has 2 of those colors in stock, what’s the point?

Our cage manufacturing partners maintain deep inventories of their entire cataloged line.

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So before you click that “send my order,” ask yourself – “the cage has a really clever name, but who made it and where did it really come from?”

We at Windy City Parrot have done the research to bring you the best and safest cages at the best possible prices for your birds.

Thank you for shopping with us.

Written by Mitch Rezman
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