How Do I Get My Bird to Accept a New Playstand?

Cynthia L. needs a bird feeding dish for her new bird’s stand:

The bird stand that I have came with stainless steel, 8 oz. bowls, my Grey loves to grab them and flip everything on the floor.

I need a heavy bowl that will fit.

Next, tell me how I get her to accept the nice new stand.

I have it in the same room, now 4 ft away from her cage.

If I have her on my hand and we walk anywhere near it, she will fly away.


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Does My Birds Need Heated Perches and Warming Panels?

Barbara D. wonders:


I have 2 Blue Fronted Amazons.


I have a heated Thermo Perch in the cage but am concerned about the winter room temperature when I bring the birds out to the living room in their cage to be with us, their room is set for 68/69 but the living room is more like 66.


So I thought the Snuggle Up panel might be good to add to the perch.


They have not checked out the warm perch yet.


I have seen them on the heated perch in the winter before, this perch is second to lowest perch in their cage.


Should I raise the perch a bit higher?



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I’m Looking for a Good Quality Seed Mix for 4 Species of Birds

Meyers parrot

Darryl Z. writes:


I’m looking for a good quality seed mix for my 4 birds – a CAG, a Yellow-Shouldered Amazon, a Meyers, and a Caique.


I’m currently using Vita Parrot by Sun Seed but it’s become really dirty over the years.


I actually pick out the papaya because it’s so filthy and looks so gross, I don’t want my birds eating it.



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