Are Cage Covers Good for Bird Warmth?

Are Cage Covers Good for Bird Warmth?

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Bob writes, Regarding your Cozzzy Pet Cage Covers.
Does this cover do anything to keep birds warm? Our house is toasty during the day due to solar gain but gets very cool/cold at night.

Will this cover help to keep my 5-month-old Lovebird warm at night? I’m worried about the impending cold!

Dear Bob,

Cage Covers help with maintaining a more regulated sleep pattern and help to give a skittish bird privacy at night that might be startled by passers-by.

They help with drafts. They do not produce heat nor contain materials with insulating properties as they must be a safe fabric that can be able to be nibbled on without harming the bird if the bird so chooses to.

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 As so many birds need to be put to bed early to avoid hormonal issues from lack of quality sleep they are very useful for that as well.
I would recommend a heated perch in a size small so your bird will have a heat source when it wants it. They are marvelous and my own parrot had 3 in various cages and he truly enjoyed them and we never had to be concerned about him catching a chill.
You can find all thermo perches and other cage warmers here.
Thank you

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