Can I Put A Baby Budgie In With My Cockatiel?
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Can I Put A Baby Budgie In With My Cockatiel?

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Kim W. wants to know


Can I Put A Baby Budgie In With My Cockatiel?


Dear Kim


One-word answer. NO!


We recently were given a baby parakeet from a customer who found it outside her apartment building.


She could not keep it as she has an ailing bird currently and didn’t want to take a risk.


She drove 70 miles to bring us the bird. It appeared to be only 3-4 months old and we decided to try and handle it, tame it, and gave it a cage of its own rather than put it in with the rest of the parakeets in the large aviary we have set up for them. All rescues.

The little timid bird was adorable and with his cage.


We also had three other single cages for our other 3 rescued birds.


Keto, an elderly African Ringneck, Chili, a blue quaker, and Barney, the cockatiel.


We had clipped Lucky (the new parakeet) to be better able to handle him, tame, and train.


However, that little bird used every bit of strength he could muster to still manage to flutter over to and land on Barney’s cage.


The cockatiel. Barney is tame.


He tolerates Keto’s flying over on a higher perch above Barney’s cage.


However, that little keet wanted to be with Barney and be right up close to him.


Barney hissed and fussed, but Lucky would not budge.


So Barney reached out and bit OFF one of Lucky’s toes.


That poor little bird bled a lot before we could stop it with a blood-clotting product.


Lucky had to stay locked up for at least 3 days while the toe healed.


It was not fully healed yet, but we also needed to keep Lucky from flying and pushing too much blood through.

Keto Chili Barney flight space ~ video


Finally, Lucky is freed, and what does he do?


Beeline right back over to Barney’s cage to be with the cockatiel.


After being bitten once again and thankfully not losing another toe.


He was once again locked up until he was healed again.


Then we felt for his safety, he needed to be in the big aviary with the other budgies. He is doing fine there now.


Parakeets want to be with other birds.


It does not matter if they are 10-20 times as large as they are.


If all you have is a macaw, that parakeet will want to squeeze between the bars and sit with the macaw. 


The disposition of the larger bird will be the tell.


The bottom line is, they are not a good match. You can go ahead and try, but be prepared for the worst. If you must bring home the parakeet, consider getting a second keet and housing them together.


We wish you the best.


Catherine Tobsing

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