Can I Put a Pair of Parakeets Into a Cage With a Lovebird?

Can I Put a Pair of Parakeets Into a Cage With a Lovebird?

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Lorraine H. asks

Can I put in the same cage, a love bird, a mate who died last year, and a pair of parakeets?

Dear Lorraine

I want to clarify. You had a pair of lovebirds, one died last year.

And you now want to add two parakeets into the same cage with the remaining lovebird?

Nope. Short answer, the lovebird can seriously harm the parakeets.

It does not matter the size of the cage or if the bird’s wings are clipped or not. At some point, the lovebird is going to hurt one of the small birds.

How large is the cage?

Have you considered another lovebird?

If you do get another lovebird to avoid territory problems, I recommend removing the older bird.

Rearrange all the perches, toys, etc, then put in the new lovebird, then the older lovebird. It will be a new cage for both of them and there should be less aggression.

As the lovebird was part of a pair I am assuming it is not tame.

I recommend another older, not-tame lovebird instead of a baby-tamed one.

It will result in a better matchup in the cage.

To locate an older lovebird Google Bird Rescue or Bird Clubs in your area.


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