Can I Use Costco Washcloths to Clean My Severe Macaw’s Birdcage?

Can I Use Costco Washcloths to Clean My Severe Macaw’s Birdcage?

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Joyce asks: I have another question.

I like to clean my bird’s cages with small white washcloths from Costco.

I have been noticing they are getting very holey. 

I figured they just weren’t that great anymore and then I see Snuggles my Severe Macaw having such a great time talking to them and chewing on them!

Will this hurt him?

Also, I can’t use dark colors to clean his cage, or I will get attacked or even walking by holding clothes or towels, he gets so excited. 


This is nothing new he still acts like a baby, I have had him since he was 9 weeks old and we just celebrated his 31 birthday🙂❤


Also, he does yoga, he will pull his wing over his body for a couple of minutes, closes his eyes, and stretches.


None of my other birds have ever done that.


Have you heard of that?


Thank you


Hi Joyce,

Yeah, we have a love/hate relationship with Costco too 🙂


How Costco Actually Makes Money

















The top of our community bird play stand covered with strips of safe fleece


The small white cotton washcloths are made with “looped” fabric which can snag a toenail or become threads that can be swallowed so they’re fine for cleaning but not foraging.

While you’re washing the birdcage have some craft fleece in your hand, then do a bait and switch with Snuggles leaving a piece of bird safe fleece for him to enjoy which fulfills some of his enrichment needs.


One source for fleece


Birdie Yoga? Yep, it’s a thing – 



Happy birthday Snuggles



Stay safe






Grandeur Hospitality Towels, Washcloth 24-piece

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