Following Up on the Cohabitation of Milo and Omar My Budgies
Following Up on the Cohabitation of Milo and Omar My Budgies

Following Up on the Cohabitation of Milo and Omar My Budgies

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Dear Catherine,

I thought I’d give you an update about my new bird Milo — a young (I think), companion for my 4-year-old budgie Omar.

I took Milo to my vet for a nail trim and he remarked that Milo’s cere was 2 colors (blue, with brown edges) — and therefore Milo may very well be a girl.

Long story short, I placed Milo in Omar’s spacious cage yesterday — the final day of the quarantine — and after the first day of shyness and running away from Omar, they’re now acting like a male-female couple.

Milo and Omar’s Back Story

Omar never behaved this way with his male buddy Matteo. 

I’m just hoping there won’t be eggs because I’m not prepared for baby birds.

I’m only glad that they’re getting along and Omar is showing her/him how to be a bird. If Milo’s cere doesn’t evolve into one color soon, she/he may have a hormonal problem (sigh).

Thank you again for sending the feed dishes — they’re just the right size.

Regards, Leslie

Dear Leslie

Sorry that you ended up with a female instead of a boy buddy for Omar. It is not uncommon for young birds cere colors to be confusing. It can take 6 months or so before the final color is clear and one can be sure of the sex.

Yes, you now have a couple and will need to handle them accordingly. Omar is thrilled of course and yes, they may mate.

If you have an intense light set up over the cage on a timer 12 hours on and 12 hours off it may help put off their hormonal behavior, but as you have a boy and girl in the same cage, Mother Nature may be stronger.  

You can remove any resulting eggs. If you do not provide a nest they will just drop to the bottom of the cage or be found in the food dishes. Do NOT provide them with a nest.

If she starts to lay, be sure to provide them (her) with calcium in the form of cuttlebone, a mineral block, or powder mixed in the water daily.

Inside the cage, be sure to offer varying perches and even some toys that can provide hiding areas for the female in case Omar gets too interested and chases her too much.

Best of Luck

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