Can We Train a Macaw Parrot Not to Scream?

Can We Train a Macaw Parrot Not to Scream?

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Zach K. is concerned about the noise his macaw makes,

We live in an apartment with a noise ordinance and have recently adopted a macaw. He sometimes starts screaming when people are home but in a different room than him. Is this something that we can train him to not do? Is it maybe a sign of anxiety? Or is having a macaw in an apartment with a noise ordinance a recipe for disaster?


Sorry to say Zack, but it is the latter statement. 


Macaws do not belong in apartment buildings unless your neighbors are also large bird owners, have noisy dogs and kids or don’t want the attention of the police themselves.


You may want to check your lease as it could cause you to have to move out.

  • No, you can’t make or teach your bird to stop making the sounds that it was put on earth to make.
  • No to yelling, pleading, or screaming at your bird to be quiet.
  • No to covering up the bird in the middle of the day to quiet it.
  • No drugs or supplements to make the bird sleepy and dull so it doesn’t make noise.

I hope you can move to a location where your new family member can be itself.


If not, please rehome the bird to a suitable location before it bonds with yet another family that cannot keep it.


I hope to hear what you decide to do.


I kind of figured that was going to be the case. I guess I should clarify the situation a bit. We haven’t really adopted the Macaw, we’ve just been taking care of and housing it for the last few weeks until a permanent home for the bird can be found.


I’ve been trying for a couple of weeks to find a home for the bird but still haven’t been able to rehome him.  Does Windy City Parrot have the capabilities to take in a bird and find a permanent home for them?


Dear Zach

Thank you for clarifying the situation. We don’t sell or board birds and don’t have the capacity to house large birds at all.


We currently have 12 birds, 9 are parakeets in one large aviary and three small parrots that have their own cages. We are full up.


The fall to winter months may be easier for rehoming as people are home more and more open to bringing in a new pet, vs the summer months when they are planning trips away.


Reach out to bird clubs and rescues, veterinarians, and even pet shops. Someone may have some ideas for you.


What Is the Deal With Parrots that Excessively Scream?


40 years ago, after having lived with a Moluccan cockatoo that could scream loud enough to be heard a block away and could bite a finger off if desired, I swore off having parrots in that size and noise range.


But we needed to find homes for the bird. After renting a table at an annual Bird Club vendor event, we found a new home for him. They had a pet shop and wanted a showcase bird that would help draw in business and would be friendly which the bird was. He just wanted to be held and pet and he talked so it was a perfect place for him.


We hope you can get him settled into his new home soon.


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