Can You Help Me Replace the Dowel Perch in My Budgies Birdcage?

Can You Help Me Replace the Dowel Perch in My Budgies Birdcage?

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Cheryl P. is asking for advice on dowel replacements:

Currently our widowed Rosie (she is seven yrs. old .. her mate passed a few days ago) has full-length dowel perches, her cage is 25 inches in length ..

The trees I have are not suited for perch material .. camphor, Camilla and citrus trees.

I do have two small-diameter oak dowels and a few pieces of black bamboo.

Any guidance would be appreciated.


Dear Cheryl

Sorry for the loss of your parakeet’s mate. If you don’t plan to get another bird for the company for Rosie, then consider a small mirror. Budgies don’t like to be alone and if she was, is untamed she will not do well alone.

As far as perches go. Dowel perches are not ideal due to their uniform shape. It does not allow for any variation on where the bird sits, thus creating the possibility for bumble foot or pressure sores.

Prevue Pet Clip On Mirror for Small Birds

Offering multiple surfaces to stand on helps keep their feet healthy.

Does the Plethora of Parrot Perches Produce Puzzlement?

So an assortment of perches and materials in different thicknesses helps a lot. Any of these items would work well:

Please let me know if you need further help.


Your Zygodacytyl Footnote

In the best of times, we discourage bringing in wood from out of doors.

Due to the recent global bird flu epidemic and the biohazards left by migrating avian specis, it is imperative not to expose your pet birds to outside environmental threats ~ mitchR.

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