Parrotlet Care and Feeding Info
Pacific Parrotlet, Forpus coelestis on green grass forpus is a species of small parrot

Parrotlet Care and Feeding Info

Parrotlets – although appearing to be about the size of a parakeet, is not how they see themselves. They definitely have a big bird mentality and an abundance of energy. Because they had not been in captivity for all that long nobody really knows their average lifespan which is generally expected to be around 15 to 20 years, some say even 30. With proper care, these little birds can be quite durable pets.

In spite of their size these little birds possess all the intelligence and the attitude of the biggest of Macaws. Unlike the big Macaws, Parrotlets are easily suited for apartment dwellers as they cannot scream and are actually one of the quieter parrots you can have.


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