Windy City Parrot Defines Small And Smallest Species of Pet Birds


Zebra Finches – Gray Chestnut Finches – Flanked White Finches – Fawns Lightback Finches – Black Cheek Finches – Black Breasted Finches – Florida Fancy Finches – Orange Breasted Finches – Penguin Finches – Pied Finches – Eumo Finches – Agate Finches – Recessive Silver Finches – Black Face Finches – Fawn/Gray Cheek Finches – Dominant Silver Finches – Crested Finches – White Finches – Yellow Beak Finches – Timor Finches – Society Finches – Society Finch (Bengalese) – White Rumped Mannikin Finches – Gray Crown Mannikin Finches – Java Finches – 


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Can I Over Supplement My Parrotlet?

Dear Mitch and Catherine! 😊


First of all, I want to thank you for all the wonderfull “breakfast meals” you give us “hungry” parrot slaves every sunday! 😊


They are so informative, and I always look foreward to read them every weekend!


Thank you very much for ALL the work you make in the research of writing these articles! ☺️


By the way; I love the new format you’ve made on your website!! 😊😊


I appologize for the inconvineance, but I hope you have the time to help me, please, with a couple of questions about a few different subjects.


First of all; my heart is owned by my 6 month old sweetheart parrotlet boy, named Charlie. ☺️❤️


  • Sprouts and F10:


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What are the absolute worst types of parrots for a first-time bird owner?

Once again, although well-intentioned, people are breaking down your choices into the macro of species (Quora question).

One answer started with

  1. Cockatoos
  2. Macaws
  3. Amazons

Yet these three species come in close to a combined 100 flavors.


Major Mitchell cockatoos are not loud, and not necessarily cuddly


Bare eyed cockatoos are all but demure


Noble macaws are only 12 to 14 inches long.


Hyacinth macaws are up to 44 inches long – 4 times the size of a noble macaw.


You can’t compare the two just because the are macaws.


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Do Bird Food Pellets Affect A Parrotlet’s Mutation Colors?

Hi, I’m a long time customer and newsletter subscriber.


I have currently have 6 birds which include 2 special needs parakeets that we adopted, 1 fancy parakeet,  green and yellow coloration and is the most normal and closest to their original color before mutations.


2 green check conures, and last but not least, the bird I have a question about, my yellow color mutation parrotlet.


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Parrotlets Are Big Birds In Small Bird Bodies

Parrotlets – although appearing to be about the size of a parakeet, is not how they see themselves.

They definitely have a big bird mentality and an abundance of energy.

Because they had not been in captivity for all that long nobody really knows their average lifespan which is generally expected to be around 15 to 20 years, some say even 30.


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