Changes to T3 Bird Cage Liner from Prevue Pet

Changes to T3 Bird Cage Liner from Prevue Pet

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Hi there,

I bought the 18″ d 14-1/2 ” Prevue Pet T3 cage liners. I have used these before and when I opened the 14-1/2″ roll it was smooth paper

The 18″ T3 cage liner has bumps.
Both rolls have identical writing over the wrapping. Is this a change or what? My previous rolls were all bumpy.


Thank you for writing Natalie,

 Originally the bumps were there to make the paper look/feel thicker, but the bumps make it more difficult to measure and cut. The bumps also made people think T3 Cage Liners were like paper towels which meant customers expected the paper to absorb liquid in the same way as a paper towel.

By design, we did not want the paper to absorb quickly (or make people think that it would) so as to allow the anti-microbial to work. After some time on the market, we increased the thickness of the paper and removed the bumps.

This did a few things.

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Allowed us to use thicker paper.

The paper was changed, to make it more absorbent (not like a paper towel but slow absorbency to allow the anti-microbial to work).
Made it easier to measure and cut. 

Allowed the effectiveness of the anti-microbial properties to increase. 

So, the removal of the bumps was done as a design and functional improvement,

Mitch Rezman
Windy City Parrot


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