Does My Birds Need Heated Perches and Warming Panels?

Does My Birds Need Heated Perches and Warming Panels?

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Barbara D. wonders:


I have 2 Blue Fronted Amazons.


I have a heated Thermo Perch in the cage but am concerned about the winter room temperature when I bring the birds out to the living room in their cage to be with us, their room is set for 68/69 but the living room is more like 66.


So I thought the Snuggle Up panel might be good to add to the perch.


They have not checked out the warm perch yet.


I have seen them on the heated perch in the winter before, this perch is second to lowest perch in their cage.


Should I raise the perch a bit higher?


Do you think a Snuggle Up panel would be helpful for them while being in the living room with me?


My Cockatiel will sit next to her Snuggle Up panel.


I am thinking I should put her heated perch in the cage too, but it is a bit long, I wish there was a shorter heated perch for her.

Afican grey on medium heated warmiing thermo perchBird Warming Heated Thermo Perch for Medium Sized Birds


Dear Barbara


Oh yes, there is a chill in the air for sure.


We have Thermo perches in our bird’s cages even though they don’t all use them.


It makes us feel better because if they are cold, they have them. 


The Thermo perches are barely warm (102 ~ 104 degrees) but are just enough and even if they don’t sit on them, the perches do affect the surrounding air a little and help with the overall temperature.


We also use the little rolling white oil-filled radiator heaters set on the lowest settings in the cold months and that helps a lot.


Oil filled heater next to budgie aviary



They are low and nearby the cages and even if a bird lands on them, they don’t get burned.


As birds like to sleep high.


We have their regular sleeping perch as the highest perches, then the Thermo perches we mount a few inches lower and forward.


So if they feel a chill, they can hop or climb down onto the warm perch and when warm enough, they can leave it and go back above.


Having the highest perch set back from the lower placed Thermo perch, neither perch gets pooped on.


If you have a cage in the sitting area where you like to be and have them visit, yes, a panel or Thermo perch would be nice.


Or the oil-filled heater which would warm you all. I don’t think you would need both the Thermo perch and the Snuggle Up panel in that situation. One or the other would be fine.


If their cage was in an unheated room then maybe both, but the lower 60’s is not bad.

Heated Snuggle Up In-Cage Panel for Warming Medium Large Birds
Heated Snuggle Up In-Cage Panel for Warming Medium Large Birds


The Small Snuggle Up Panel and the Small Thermo perch are sized fine for the cockatiel.


The larger Snuggle Up Panel and the Medium Thermo perch would be sized for the Amazon.


I hope this helps.


Stay warm.





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