Christmas Morning Foraging Ideas for Your Parrots and a Great Foraging Toy From a Dog.

Christmas Morning Foraging Ideas for Your Parrots and a Great Foraging Toy From a Dog.

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It’s the holidays – I get it. You are busy. Things to do – places to go – people to see.
Your solution? Lock up the bird with lots of fresh food and water and put the cartoon channel on TV for him or her to watch until January 2nd.

The thought of that plan just makes my head want to explode.
The relationship that you have with your bird is not something that can be turned off and on like a kitchen appliance.
Your bird sees you as its flock and or its mate. It doesn’t know about holidays. It doesn’t know about your plans. It only knows that he or she loves you and your company and is sad or afraid when you are not there.
Resistance begets resistance. Why antagonize your bird with a lack of attention when you can easily include your bird as part of holiday festivities?

Here’s a simple solution for making an African grey parrot part of Christmas morning’s magic. Let’s turn those Christmas stockings into forging opportunities.


 Note “foraging drawer”
Christmas is also the time when dreams tend to exceed money. We want to lavish our birds with every opportunity imaginable but the holidays tend to have a sobering effect on our finances. We’d love to get the latest and greatest for our favorite feathered friend but all those humans that we have relationships with really should get a holiday gift as well. 
We are here because people buy things for birds from us. We also know (having done this for almost a quarter century) that sometimes your paycheck does not meet the needs of your bird. No worries. You needn’t spend big money on bird toys. Your bird will never ask for the receipt. 
Are your credit cards maxed out? Do you have a little change left from the last ten-dollar bill you used to pay for that 800-calorie latte? Watch this video below. Spend $5 at the dollar store.
A foraging opportunity can be as simple as hanging a millet spray through the roof of the cage. Cupcake paper liners. Ice cube trays all offset creativity for money as illustrated in the video below.
Our newest favorite foraging and enrichment toy comes to us – from dogs.
You are now officially deficient in excuses.
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