Do I Need a Perch to Go Fully Across My Macaw’s Birdcage?

Do I Need a Perch to Go Fully Across My Macaw’s Birdcage?

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Marsha C. asks,


I need a 66-inch manzanita perch for my macaw’s cage.


It is a large, double-wide cage and my bird is destructive so I really need another manzanita perch.


Do you have any single branches that long?


Dear Marsha


Locating such a perch is likely to be next to impossible.


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Unless your bird is infirm there are zero reasons to have a long perch go from one end of the cage to the other.


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Also, Help Prevent Arthritis in Your Birds Feet


You would do the bird best by putting shorter perches front to back at either end of the cage to encourage movement and flight if possible.


One long perch is not a healthy choice. It encourages inactivity, obesity, and even pressure sores on the bird’s feet if all it has to do is stroll left to right to its food dishes.


If your cage had that when you bought it, it does not mean you have to stay with that arrangement.


Consider adding single-ended bolt-on wood perches. 


Get creative.


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