• Tropican Alternative Formula provides proper daily nutrition for Parrots who are diet challenged, adult, senior, requiring lower protein and fat content (versus High-Performance formula)

    Tropican Alternative Formula

    But How Does It Taste?

    Foraging Toy with Tropican

    Ingredients are sourced locally, which means consumers get fresher food faster. In addition, the fact that it’s now made in close geographical proximity to HARI, located in Rigaud, means quicker turnaround times for final HARI quality assurance approvals and enhanced freshness-to-market efficiencies.

    Parrot with pellets outside

    Some bird owners find it hard to feed their bird uniform, formulated diets. Tropican’s generous levels of important nutrients allow it to be diluted (up to percent on a weight basis) by the addition of fruits and vegetables. Tropican is a hard dense granule that parrots enjoy biting into. Tropican Alternative Granules ensure that fussy eaters get a full balanced diet. Since Tropican incorporates vitamins and minerals, a vitamin supplement is not needed. 

    For more in-depth information on the scientific development of Tropican Formulated Diets read Avian Nutrition: Trends and Philosophies, by HARI Director, Mark Hagen

    Crude protein (min.) 15%
    Crude fat (min.) 9%
    Crude fiber (max.) 8%
    Moisture (max.) 10%
    Calcium (min.) 0.8%
    Phosphorus (min.) 0.6%
    Vitamin A (min.) 5,000 IU/kg
    Vitamin D3 (min.) 500 IU/kg
    Vitamin E (min.) 200 IU/kg
    Beta-Carotene (min.) 600 mg/kg
    Omega-3 0.4%
    Omega-6 3%