Getting My Budgie to Accept a New Grooming Perch
Getting My Budgie to Accept a New Grooming Perch

Getting My Budgie to Accept a New Grooming Perch

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Leslie writes,

Thank you so much for sending the Beach Walk Pacific Perch so promptly!

My budgie Omar is staring at this “new thing in my cage” but I’m sure he will soon be getting much use from it. It will also help me cut back on nail grooming appointments at the vet.


Getting My Budgie to Accept a New Grooming Perch
Getting My Budgie to Accept a New Grooming Perch

 Dear Leslie

Great that you have it. Placement is important. It should not be used for sleeping at night.

It should be placed in front of the cage, mid-level or lower.

You can also put it by the food dishes. It will get used there a lot.

You want it to be where it will be used often and actively so by the food and water dishes or in the front while he dances on it waiting for you to open the door.


I took your advice. I’ve placed the new Pedicure Perch below the door and between Omar’s feed cups.

He’s still glaring at it! By the way, there’s an absence of toys in the cage because my two weren’t interested in them at all and wouldn’t play with them.

I wish they had been, but I think they preferred having the extra space.


blue Quaker parrot named Chili on grooming perch attacherd to the inside of the door to his cage

One option is to install a grooming perch on the cage door.
The bird will dance on the perch excited to be leaving the cage trimming its nails.

Dear Leslie

I will also suggest you move the soft rope perch from the bottom to an upper corner of the birdcage for sleep.

Hard perches are not good for foot health while sleeping as the anatomy of a bird causes its feet to literally clamp onto whatever they are perched upon.

Soft rope perches are ideal for pet bird sleep as they are benign under their feet.

LOL, he is very funny staring it down.

Also, the fewer changes and things you put in the cage the harder it is to add things later. Change is a good thing.

Even if the birds don’t play with the toys directly, the toys do offer comfort as an empty cage makes them feel exposed.

Arranging Your Bird’s Cage: the Cage Canopy Concept.

The toys hanging are the furniture in their living room. You may have a sofa and chairs and lamps in your living room, but you only sit on one of the chairs.

Well, the rest of the furniture helps make the room cozier. It works the same with bird toys.

The bars don’t register as walls to them and if they can see everything around them all the time they are constantly on guard and unable to fully relax.

By having some things placed around the inside of the cage walls (like toys), some of their view is blocked and thus they can enjoy the sold areas as visual breaks that allow them to relax more.

Our keets will sit and look at a new toy in the cage for a few days then all of a sudden they will mow it down.

I think it is a good idea to fill in the cage sides some with toys and other cage furnishings too.

The more things in the cage will also contribute to Omar not obsessing over the addition of the new perch. Things become just things to live with and enjoy over time.

One observation. All your perches are at the same height. I would raise the wood perch on the left a bit so it is the new sleeping perch (they usually like to sleep in the highest one in the rear) then stagger the rest.


Budgies are NOT like cockatiels – perch placement in the cage is very different ~ Video

Catherine, thank you for your thoughtful and caring customer service; you’re a pleasure to deal with.

Leslie, glad we could help.



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