Does My Pet Bird Need Additional Vitamins?

Does My Pet Bird Need Additional Vitamins?

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Judy M. is concerned,

I am wondering if I should give Alex his vitamins if he is eating Harrison’s bird bread?

Dear Judy


If your bird is not eating a 100% pelleted diet, it is assumed that the need for additional vitamins is required.


Other than a blood test, there is no way of knowing if your bird is vitamin deficient however, it is presumed most of our captive birds are low on calcium at the very least.


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Our birds have a seed-based diet but are supplemented daily with pellets and fresh veggies and fruits.


We mix some vitamins daily into their chopped fresh foods and in their water.


It would not hurt to add a simple multivitamin to cover any shortages.


I recommend Lafeber Avi-Era.




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