Is This Dome Bird Cage Too Big for Severe Macaw

Is This Dome Bird Cage Too Big for Severe Macaw

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I have a question and I hope you can help? My Severe Macaw is 26 months old. I had him in a play-top birdcage until about 6 months ago.

He is now in a dome cage. In the play-top cage, he would play with his foot toys at the bottom of the cage and climb all around. Now that I have him in a dome cage he will not go to the bottom of his cage. If he drops a toy or food he won’t go to the bottom at all.

The play top was 34 x 23 x 48 and the dome is 40 x 28 x 60. Is the dometop birdcage too big for him? Please let me know your opinion. Thanks ahead of time.

Cages can sometimes be too large for a bird. Not always, but sometimes. The setup makes a big difference.

Other than going back to the original cage to see if he goes back to old habits (if you still have it), I would recommend that you add more toys, perches, platforms, toy boxes (dishes on the sides just for toys and treats) and fill it up. It may entice him to venture lower.

Are his toys mostly near the top in the new cage now with the more bare area along the lower walls of the new cage? If so, he could be feeling exposed to real or imaginary predators and feels unsafe down there. If you have a cat or dog that he is concerned with that also may make him feel exposed. Again, adding more visual breaks may help.

Adding more items, perches, paper strips, bungies, and Booda perches wound around the lower area of the birdcage may make him more comfortable.


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