New Bird Cage for Charlie

New Bird Cage for Charlie

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I so much appreciate your phone call yesterday–thank you!

The cage arrived about 5:30 yesterday evening via UPS. Our UPS guy has been delivering here for years so he brought it all the way into the house for me, which was great! He loves our dog so he even stayed a few minutes to play with her! LOL!

I haven’t opened the cage yet, but it looks like it was very well packed. The boxes were all reinforced at the corners and not even dented in shipping! 

When I told Charlie his new house had arrived, he said, “Oh boy, oh boy!” I laughed because I know he will be afraid of it at first. We will have to leave it setting in front of the old cage for a couple of days and let him explore it before getting him into it permanently. Since our living room is quite small, that should be interesting! What we do for these birds, huh? They are worth it, though! 

Have a great day, and be careful out there in that snow. I just got in–roads are still fine, but the sidewalks, parking lots, and driveways are already quite slippery. We’ve been so blessed so far, though, so I guess we’re due a doozy!


Glad you ordered the cage when you did, what a mess out there. 

If you have any issues with the cage once opened please contact us as soon as possible so we can facilitate the correction of the issue. 

Or you can call Prevue directly at 312-243-3624 and they will also handle it. They are closed on Monday for the holiday, we will be open. 

Thank you for your order, it is appreciated.

Hi Catherine,

I’m SO sorry I haven’t replied until now. I’ve been very busy with taking care of my mom–pretty much been taking up all of my time. 

Anyway, there seem to be only a few glitches with the cage, but honestly, I’ve never had a perfect bird cage. There are a few spots that probably need to be touched up with paint because they are chipped, but the touch up paint included with the cage was pretty much dried up. We did manage to get a drop out to touch up the front seed guard panel–that was the worst spot. 

The biggest problem is that the right side track where the grate slides in is very bent, but we are able to manage to slide it in and out. It does stick, but it’s manageable.

The feeder doors are bent a little, but I’m not worried at all about them–they seem to be loosening up the more I use them. My only concern is that bend in the track because I hope it doesn’t worsen with age. That couldn’t have happened during shipping because the cage was packed VERY well. It looks as if it was just a defect in the track. 

Otherwise, the cage looks VERY nice since it matches Koko’s. Charlie seems very happy in it. We let it sit one day for him to look at before attempting to get him into it. The next day I let him out and then started moving his stuff from the old cage into the new one. He was on his play gym and was pretty upset, yet curious.

He finally flew to the top of his new cage, and I was thinking that was a very good thing. However, after two hours of getting everything into his new cage, cleaning up his old cage, dismantling it and trekking it to the basement, he still had not moved! LOL!

I guess he figured he would just enjoy sitting on top of it. 

I only managed to get bitten twice trying to get him INSIDE the new cage. He finally went inside, hissing all of the way. Poor guy! Once he was in there, though, it was as if all of the sudden he realized that was actually HIS stuff in there, and he was fine–started talking and singing again

. He actually has just a little more room in this cage than his other, and since this one is not a dome top, I think I am going to be able to hang his big rope swing in there. It never hung right in the dome cage. 

Another thing I absolutely LOVE is that he can’t flip his food and water dishes out! He keeps trying, and it really amuses me! In his other cage I finally got to the point I took the higher dishes out and put those crocks toward the bottom of the cage. However, he managed to quickly learn to dismantle those and throw them around the cage, but at least he wasn’t throwing them from up so high! LOL! He is SUCH a character! I often call him Mr. Destructo! 

Anyway, thanks for you e-mail! I’m sure Charlie will have many happy years in this cage.


Mitch Rezman

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