Door Skirt Installation
Door Skirt Installation

Door Skirt Installation

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This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer

Installation/Mounting Instructions: For mounting a set of skirts to the cage door (one skirt on outside of cage door and one skirt on inner side of cage door):

Position outer and inner bracket on the cage door at the outer most edge of door at either the base of the cage door or in the top half of the door (above the door latch/handle).

Make sure the lip of the brackets extend away from the door. (or if your bird likes to try and lift the skirts off their brackets simply turn the brackets the other way “backwards” so that the lips are in contact with the cage.

Gently pull the lip away from being in contact with the cage to push the skirt down onto the bracket or to lift when removing).

Push a bolt through each hole in the bracket so that the head of the bolt is on the outer side of the cage door. Now screw the wing nut on tightly. Hold the skirt up to the door so that you get a visual idea of where you need to place the 2nd set of brackets.

Allow room for sliding the skirt left or right so that you can open and close the door after the skirt is mounted (of course you can easily lift the inner skirt off the lipped brackets entirely once you’ve put your parrot in the cage for the night if you prefer).

Now that the brackets are assembled to the cage, you can mount the skirts.

If using the skirts as two separate single side skirts: You will mount two of the four provided lipped brackets on the outer side of the cage (where you want the skirt to be placed) and then you will want to use a washer (not included) for the inside of the cage for each of the brackets to keep them stable and flush to the side of the cage. Bird Cage Door Skirt Installation Tab

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