Environmental Recommendations for Maximilian Pionus Parrot

Environmental Recommendations for Maximilian Pionus Parrot

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Hi Angelica

Congratulations on your choice of a Maximilian Pionus Parrot aka Scaly Headed Parrot. Just to note in the wild the species is now considered endangered in its natural habitat and it is listed as a CITES II.

We like to look at the natural habitat of a bird when recommending living conditions. Birds in general are flock animals. The Maximilian Pionus typically lives in small groups of about 50 birds and because it’s unlikely you’re going to get 49 more you have to remember that you and your family will be the bird’s flock.
These birds are known to live approximately 25 years and have been known to live for 40 years or more. The cage you select, with proper care should last for a good part of the bird’s lifetime.
In the wild, several Pionus species live in high-altitude (6000 feet) forests that do not have a lot of airborne molds. Many of these birds had (the fungus) Aspergillus when the birds were brought into this country. This sensitivity proved to be a large problem for the plum crowned Pionus which is why they’re not widely found in captivity. They nest in tree cavities and feed in tree canopies so keep that in mind when choosing toys. They are definitely candidates for a snuggle hut or equivalent 

Your bird is not considered a large bird but isn’t much smaller than a Timneh African Grey so the minimum size cage you want to look at is roughly 32 x 23 ironically the size of the cage that you saw in our shop today.

Play Top Parrot Cage For Medium Size Birds by AE 8003223 Black

  For more information on this cage click here

Because you liked the cage in the shop so much and you have 47 inches of wall space why not put a natural wood play stand between the cage and the fish tank? The bird is going to be out all day so the play stand will give him the opportunity to have a place to go once outside the cage. It will also soften the look of the “metal” cage. 
For more information on the playstand, click here
Let me know how you feel about this configuration. If you are good with it conceptually, we can move on to toys, accessories, and nutrition.
Mitch Rezman
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