Should I Get a New Puppy With a Conure and Eclectus in My Home?

Should I Get a New Puppy With a Conure and Eclectus in My Home?

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Mo J. is considering a new puppy,

Is it possible to safely bring in a new puppy with 2 parrots in the home?


I’m considering getting a French Bulldog puppy but worry about my Conure and Eclectus.


I don’t want to put my babies in any danger. Has anyone had experience with parrots and dogs in the same home? Any info or suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Hi Mo,


Dogs and cats are by their nature, predatory animals.


That said there are households that risk morphing into a Disney movie with so many critters in the home.


If you acquire the puppy it’s best to have your birds fully flighted so they can easily escape a potential attack.


On the flip side, I had a husky that jumped 5 feet into the air catching my tiel in its mouth – the bird survived but it suffered a long recovery.


Best of luck


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  1. We’ve successfully had parrots and dogs about a decade. The birds are fully flighted, the dogs are specifically chosen for low prey drive, and non-aggressive nature, and the birds stay caged when the puppy is loose for the first six months. Religiously. We don’t rescue dogs, because we chose to have parrots. By buying from reputable breeders, we can have the puppy personality tested for “bird tolerant” traits. Just understand, if something does happen, it’s animals being animals. Kind of like expecting to never get bit if you get careless around your parrots.

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