Feather Plucking Rosella
Crimson Rosella bird eating in the sunlight in The Grampians, Australia

Feather Plucking Rosella

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My name is Catherine and I have a western rosella for a year now. My husband is her favorite one as she sits on his shoulder and listens to what he says.
The problem is that for a few months now, she started pulling off her feathers and we can’t stop her. We try not to leave her alone for many hours, put her out of the cage to fly and find her new toys to play but she keeps that habit on.
What else can I do? Should I bring her a male one? Please help me if you can…
Thank you

Rosella’s are not usually the best “pets”. They really prefer to have a mate. While she was young she was okay with your human husband, but now, I think she wants one of her own.
You may do her the most justice by getting her a nice big flight cage and a male. Once she bonds with the male, she will forget ALL about you and your husband. If they have prodigy, Rosella’s are beautiful and not over running rescues all over and will be desirable.
Years ago I had a female Australian Red Rumped parrot and she was a good pet but was too friendly with the house cat, so for her own protection, we sold her to another woman, but gave her explicit instructions to NOT get her a boyfriend as the bird would revert and would not be a pet anymore.
Well, later she came to me sheepishly and told me she did what I told her not to do, which was get the bird a boyfriend.
The female lost her pet quality quickly and attacked the poor woman. She did not wish to breed birds so she found them a new home and started over.

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