Aviator Flight Harness & Leash for 110 - 190 gram Birds Xtra Small Black

Feather Tether Bird Harness – Frequently Asked Questions

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Can the Feather Tether® be used with an older bird?

Yes, however, if you are working with an older or difficult bird you may need to follow a few more helpful hints.

For example, just like training a dog, a bird may pay better attention if you try using the harness during a time when she is hungry and you can use its favorite food or treats to help distract her.

You may want to have another person available to help you the first few times you work with the harness.

Some birds will calm down when you cover their heads. Again, just like a dog, your bird can learn to associate the harness with the enjoyment of going outside!

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In fact, some birds will get extremely excited as soon as their owners show them the harness.

To help encourage this enthusiasm, we would recommend taking your bird outside immediately, once the harness is properly fitted.

This will be a distraction as well as a positive association with the harness.

Can this harness be used for perching?

Yes. However, you will want the leash to be attached from the chest, vs. the back of the harness as it would be for walking.

Can this be used as a tie-out?

No, this harness should NEVER be used with a bird unattended!

Can this harness be used for Budgies(parakeets), Lovebirds or Parrotlets?

No, unfortunately, this harness is not designed to fit birds this small

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